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Zodiac series Pigments Chrome Colorshift Hypershift Supershift Chameleon Cosmetic Grade Epoxy Resin Soaps Watercolors Make Up Nails Paints

Zodiac series Pigments Chrome Colorshift Hypershift Supershift Chameleon Cosmetic Grade Epoxy Resin Soaps Watercolors Make Up Nails Paints

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Zodiac series Chrome Colorshift Pigments Hypershift Supershift Chameleon Pigments Cosmetic Grade Epoxy Resin Bath Bombs Soaps Watercolors Make Up Eyes Nails Paints, Cosmetic and food grade, solvent resistant.
These are HIGH GRADE titanium dioxide chrome colorshift, hypershift, and supershift pigments, they are not the gritty lower grade mica pigments that you can find everywhere (ie: Temu, Amazon, and here on etsy).
These pigments are for the artist/crafter who wants or needs High Quality pigments at a more affordable price. You definitely wont find ANY of these high quality pigments on Temu or Amazon!!
Price listed is per ONE GRAM of pigment powder. Pigment amount varies by weight and some bags may be fuller or less full than others, even when the same amount of grams are ordered. Pigment will be received in small plastic 1g pigment jars. 
If you want to try out the pigments first, a Sample set consisting of 1 gram of each 12 different colors are also available. The sample set is 1 gram of each color in individual plastic zipper lock baggies. Empty plastic sample jars are available for purchase in sets of 12.

**There are empty 1g plastic jars in sets of 12 available for purchase...if you order a set of 12 empty jars, you will receive 12 empty wont receive any pigments unless you ALSO order the pigments or the pigment Sample Set.**

*Larger quantities of pigments may be available in a custom listing by request, please message me.*

Colors available in this listing:
Capricorn (Teal, Blue, Violet to Purple)
Aquarius (Peacock, Blue, Violet, Purple to Red)
Pisces (Mauve, Red, Orange to Bronze)
Aries (Purple, Green, Turquois, Red to Bronze)
Taurus (Red, Rose Gold, Orange, Green to Gold)
Gemini (Yellow, Yellowish Green, Green to Gold)
Cancer (Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Bronze)
Leo (Raspberry, Rose Gold, Bronze to Gold)
Virgo (Green, Blue, Violet to Purple)
Libra (Sapphire, Bluish Purple, Purple, Violet to Red)
Scorpio (Red, Orange, Bronze to Gold)
Sagittarius (Purple, Blue, Pink, Red to Bronze)

These pigments have the added ability to create a multichrome or mirror effect when properly applied over a black base or black UV gel base.
Our Colorshift chrome pigments are super fine (10-30um) and can be mixed with water-based products, alcohol, oil, binders, resins or waxes etc. These pigments are heat and solvent resistant so they can also be used in nail polish or gel nail polish.

Some Popular Uses:
Paints, Glazes, Watercolors, Acrylics, Epoxy Resins, Make-up, Gel Coats, Auto Coatings, Clearcoats, Liquid wraps, Jewelry, Nail polish, Gel nail polish, Slime, Arts & Crafts, Airbrushing, Alcohol Inks, Inks. They have Good Dispersion Performance and High Color Strength!!

Please note to achieve the best color-shifting effects apply over the black/dark base coat. These chrome pigments are super fine pigments (10-30um) and works over any color and will achieve a shiny chrome finish.

How to use to get a mirror chrome effect on nails :
1. Apply UV GEL base color to nails. Black works best for Colorshift pigments. Cure under LED/UV Light.
2. Apply Gel Clear Top Coat. Cure under LED/UV Light.
3. Use a sponge-tipped eyeshadow stick to pick up the powder and apply it to your nails. A little goes a long way, so don't use too much.
Evenly smear onto the nail, rubbing back and forth until the desired result is achieved.
4. Lightly brush off excess powder. Seal it with a No-wipe UV TOP COAT. Cure under LED/UV Light.

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