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I am a lifelong artist: photography, painting, designing, sewing or crafting, I always see everything through an artists eye. I am also a problem solver in most aspects of my life, so if I can fix or design something to work better for me I become elated, excited and passionate to share it with others! 

A problem is what lead me to become a small business owner. I had a need to hold back all of this thick long hair I have while I am painting, sewing or doing other crafts. However, every headband I tried either pulled my hair, gave me a migraine or continuously slipped off and required constant readjustment…and with wet paint on your hands its not advisable to be touching your hair!
So, out of necessity I designed and made my own headbands…but with a gel grip backing…and THEY WORK! All day long they worked and not a single headache, hair pulling or slippage! I actually forgot that I had a headband on! I couldn’t wait to share this fantastic discovery with my family and friends who all loved it too…and now I am super excited to be sharing it with YOU! I hope you enjoy and love my pieces as much as I loved creating them for you!

Customization of Products

I have designed and created hundreds of different non-slip gel backed headbands but if you need something customized just let me know...it might be possible.

Paintings and art designs are as listed but suggestions are always welcome and may inspire new art.

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I am building this website to accommodate my rapidly growing business and to have a more online retail presence. Until then please visit my online Etsy stores: 





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