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Mardi Gras ALCOHOL INKS Hypershift Chrome Colorshifts

Mardi Gras ALCOHOL INKS Hypershift Chrome Colorshifts

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Hyper colorshifting chrome alcohol inks are a type of vibrant, iridescent ink known for their remarkable ability to shift colors depending on the angle of light and the underlying surface. These inks create a stunning, metallic chrome effect that transitions through a spectrum of hues, offering a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. Typically used in arts and crafts, they are alcohol-based, allowing for quick drying and compatibility with various non-porous surfaces like resin epoxy, glass, metal, plastic, and synthetic paper such as Yupo or photo printing paper. Artists and crafters value these inks for their versatility and the dazzling, multicolored effects they bring to creative projects. Upgrade your art with these stunning alcohol inks!

Carnival (Teal, Blue, Pink, Violet to Purple)
Jubilee (Emerald Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Violet to Pink)
Masquerade (Raspberry Pink, Red, Orange, Gold, Green to Bronze)
Celebration (Yellow-Green, Green, Turquoise to Blue)
Parade (Sapphire, Bluish Purple, Purple, Violet to Red)
Epiphany (Red, Orange, Bronze, Gold to Green)
Festival (Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Bronze, gold to Green)
Fat Tuesday (Bronze, Yellow, Yellowish Green to Gold)
Gala (Rose Gold, gold, Bronze to Green)
Zulu (Light silver Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Purple to Plum)
Flambeaux (Red,  Orange, Bronze to Gold)
Revel (Yellow, Olive Green, Green to Gold)

PARTY SET #1  ~ Carnival-Epiphany-Zulu

PARTY SET #2 ~ Festival-Gala-Celebration

PARTY SET #3 ~ Jubilee-Flambeaux-Revel

PARTY SET #4 ~ Masquerade-Fat Tuesday-Parade

All alcohol inks are 10ml/0.34oz packaged in bottles with a precision tip

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