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The GODDESS series of 12 budget friendly Colorshift Shimmer Handmade Watercolors sparkle glittery color shifting hypnotic watercolor paints

The GODDESS series of 12 budget friendly Colorshift Shimmer Handmade Watercolors sparkle glittery color shifting hypnotic watercolor paints

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The GODDESS series of 12 Handmade Colorshift Shimmer Watercolors create a hypnotic shimmery sparkly colorshift experience! Such Shimmer and sparkle from these glittery color shifting paints!
We listened to our artist community and created a more affordable series of watercolors for those artist that are just starting out or wanting to experiment with a line of colorshifting watercolors. We hope you enjoy these quality watercolors!

All are 100% Handmade Colorshift Artisan Watercolor Paints, made from artisan quality Chameleon Shimmer pigments. These paints shift from 3-5 different colors each!

Available in:
Half Pans - 19 x 16 x 10 mm ~1.5 to 2ml
Quarter Pans - 18 x 15 x 5 mm ~1 to 1.5ml
Mini Pans - 15 x 11 x 5 mm ~ .7 to 1ml

Colors in the Set:
Iris (Light Silver Blue, Dark Blue, Purple to Red)
Hecate (Teal, Gold, Green, Blue to Plum)
Gaia (Gold, Green, Teal to Blue)
Nyx (Pink, Purple, Blue, Gold to Green)
Athena (Pink, Red, Rose Gold to Bronze)
Diana (Purple, Pink, Teal to Blue)
Aurora (Gold, Red to Bronze)
Hera (Gold, Yellow Green to Green)
Aphrodite (Pink, Red, Orange to Bronze)
Rhea (Orange, Pink, Gold to Green)
Calypso (Green, Teal, Blue to Purple)
Selena (GreenGold, Apricot, Peach to Pink)

*Drop 3-5 drops of water on top of each color you want to use and wait approx 3 mins for the best results.
These artisan paints work very well with watercolor brushes, fluid writers, calligraphy nibs, glass pens or dip pens so you can create gorgeous, color-shifting art pieces!

What's Included:
- 1 Signature palette
-12 Handmade Colorshift Shimmer Chameleon Watercolors

Our watercolors are made with an all-natural vegan handmade binder, a recipe that took me years to perfect from materials that have been in use for centuries. Our ingredients are of the highest artisan grade quality, and the pigments are naturally very lightfast.

During the mixing and mulling process of these handmade artisan watercolors, there can be minor imperfections such as bubbles or cracks. These are part of the process, however, it does not hinder the artisan quality or use of the product. We do try to remove any bubbles we see before and during the layer drying process but some small bubbles may appear after the drying has occurred, which is why we overfill our pans with a pillowtop. You will always get more paint than the pans actually hold.
Colorshift watercolor paints work better on a Black or a dark colored surface, such as black watercolor paper or cardstock in very dark colors. We try to represent the colors as accurately as possible, but colors on monitors, cell phones and tablets may vary.

*Please note that any props/decorative materials shown in the photos are not included*

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